Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

This is going to be a pretty short review. Jane Steele is not my favorite read of the year so far, but there were parts that I enjoyed. This is suppose to be a retelling of Jane Eyre, now I have never read Jane Eyre so I cannot be the one to say how close to the original Jane Steele is. I can say though that it definitely is written in a way that it has the feel of a classic. 

Now the parts I did enjoy were mainly in the beginning 1/3 of the book. I like seeing her struggles with the death of her mother and dealing with the aftermath. That sort if struggle can really mold a character. Then we she gets send off to a really horrible boarding school, but does manage to make some friends and continue to grow, was another welcomed addition. These stages of Jane’s growth were interesting and I could see an uphill character arc. 

This though I found changes when the love interest gets involved. Now mind you I like the love interest Mr. Thornfield and the other characters that get introduced during this time. I love me some interesting sub characters, I find that they can really make a story that much better. Sadly though the story really slows down from at this point. It all of a sudden felt like Jane loses some of what makes her interesting. The does he does he not like me gets pretty ugh quickly. This characteristic I feel is pretty common in classics and is probably why I haven’t read any in years. 

If you like classics and are looking for a retelling, I would say give this one a go. There were parts that I enjoyed and there were parts that I was eh about, but I did really enjoy the writing and found it worked. 

Let me know if you’ve read Jane Steele and how did you like it.

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